Friday 12th August is the last day of our Year 12 Trial Examinations. We commend our seniors on the calm and mature manner in which Year 12 and Year 11 Accelerated students have approached these important exams over the past two weeks.

A reminder for Year 10, 11 and 12 parents and carers regarding illness and assessments. If students are sick and unable to attend an assessment, they should complete the Assessment Variation Application Form that can be found on the Assessment Portal. They should also have a medical practitioner complete the Assessment Variation Illness Form. I emailed this information to parents and carers in Week 2 and attached a copy of this form for a medical practitioner to complete. Students have been informed that if this documentation is not provided a zero grade will be awarded, as per the Assessment Policy. On their return to school, students should give the medical certificate to Mrs Swift at the Front Office.

The Year 11 Assessment block begins on Friday 9th  September and concludes on the following Friday 16th  September.

Please see below for assessments scheduled for the next two weeks.

Assessments Term 3 - Weeks 5 and 6:  The following table details assessments for:

    Jo McDonald
    Leader of Curriculum

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Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching

It is great to see so many activities taking place again in the College and the students being provided with lots of opportunities. This week Year 10 finally got to attend camp and Year 11 are off to their Leadership adventure to Fingal. In Week 6 on 26th August we will see the return of the Big Day Out after a 3-year hiatus due to COVID. All of these activities contribute to our vision of all students developing the skills and wisdom to embrace life and live it to the full.

The Big Day out is an opportunity for students and staff to come together as a community and have some fun. Each class comes dressed in a theme and organises a stall or activity for students to join in on the day. There will be lots of food stalls to provide lunch and culminates in the Staff Vs Students Touch Game. We look forward to the fun. Each student is asked to make a gold coin donation on the day which will raise money for our sister schools in the Solomon Islands.


Due to our move to COMPASS our reports have changed in line with the latest educational recommendations. There is a move to reporting on what skills and knowledge the students have learnt rather than what mark they achieved in a task. A survey has been constructed to gather input from parents about further development of our reports. Please take the time to fill in the survey so that these reports can be improved. A link is provided below.


Year 12 are currently finishing their trial Examinations. They then respond to the feedback from the Trials and work towards the final HSC exams. In past years we have seen a huge improvement in understanding between the Trials and HSC. We wish the students luck and good health in the last 6 weeks of their education at Mt St Pats.

    Narelle Sherrah
    Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

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Lisieux Co-ordinator’s Awards

Year 7:  Aiden Jones, Sienna Lockwood, Charlotte Brown, Holli Hines, Murphy Evans

Year 8:  Max Palmer, Ciara Dwyer, Tara O’Donnell

Year 11:  Asha Hynes

Lisieux Principal’s Awards

Year 8:  Max Palmer, Ciara Dwyer, Tara O’Donnell

Loreto Co-ordinator’s Awards

Year 7:  Evie Ginn, Rosaria (Rosie) Stewart-Walker

Year 8:  Mahlia Goldsworthy, Maddison Shackell, Zane Booth, Alexander Wallace, Benji Tunnercliffe, Hugh Robinson, Eden Petrie, Sanjay Nix

Loreto Principal’s Awards

Year 8:  Benji Tunnercliffe, Sanjay Nix

Lucan Co-ordinator’s Awards

Year 8:  Luke Leach, Mahli-Summer Abbott, Brody Johnson, Kaulana O’Farrell-Carter, Xavier Elliott, Kieran Forsyth, Stephanie Mayne

Year 11:  Sunny Hewett

Lucan Principal’s Awards

Year 8:  Mahli-Summer Abbott, Kaulana O’Farrell-Carter

Lucan College Awards

Year 8:  Kaulana O’Farrell-Carter

Nagle Co-ordinator’s Awards

Year 8: Ivy Eadsforth, Faith Vosotros, Hugo Portus, Marley Ferguson, Abigail Gilson, Echo Rawson Cranney, Taleishia Robinson

Nagle Principal’s Awards

Year 8:  Hugo Portus, Abigail Gilson

Nagle College Awards

Year 8:  Abigail Gilson

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College News


BALLET – Jada Coughran

We are so incredibly proud of Jada who has been accepted into the Royal Ballet School summer intensive in London this August. She was selected to attend after auditioning against ballet dancers from all over the world. It is a remarkable achievement. 

The Royal Ballet School is one of the world’s greatest centres for classical ballet training. 

Jada will board at the the Royal Ballet School and attend the Intensive Course. 

The intensive is a unique opportunity for young dancers to experience the highest levels of coaching from faculty members of The Royal Ballet School, The Royal Ballet Company and renowned international teachers. 

Jada is such a dedicated and hardworking ballerina and we are just so proud and happy for her making her dreams come true. 


Students from Mount St Patrick College have recently undertaken, an education tour of the National Capital. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy. The group visited attractions including the Australian War Memorial, ANZAC Parade, Parliament House and the National Film and Sound Archives.

The Australian Government recognizes the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the National Capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. In order to assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $90 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program toward the costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.

During our bus ride toward the National capital our group even received a phone call from our Federal Member Mrs Justine Elliot. Minister Elliot was excited to see a visit to New Parliament House from, not only a school in her electorate, but also the school she sent her son to, that she made time in her day to meet with the students from Bus 1 on the steps inside Parliament House. One of the many highlights of the trip.

A student’s perspective:

Last week, the majority of Year 9 students went on the Snowy Canberra trip. This was an amazing, yet challenging, experience for both teachers and students.  At 4:30 am , everyone met at the airport to catch a flight to Sydney, which was followed by a 3 hour bus trip to Canberra.  Whilst in Canberra, both buses participated in expeditions though the National War Memorial, or the old and new Parliament Houses.  

Tuesday was filled with blue skies and no wind, meaning these were perfect conditions. Students were split into groups of snowboarders and skiers, based on ability (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and were able to refresh their skills or learn the basics such as turning and slowing down.  

Wednesday was windy, and there was some rain.  All students went skiing or snowboarding in the morning and some stayed during the afternoon. Unfortunately, we were not able to go to the slopes on Thursday because of bad weather conditions, so instead students and teachers went to Jindabyne for a few hours to go shopping. Later that night, we had a trivia night and an “award ceremony”.  

On the final day, everyone jumped on the bus and either went to the New Parliament House or the War Memorial.  After spending a little over an hour in these locations, both buses went to a shopping centre to have lunch.  Once finished, we took the bus to the airport to get on our plane at 7:20pm.

The entirety of the snow trip was an absolutely amazing experience, and both students and teachers had a great time. Thank you to all the teachers for taking time away from their families so they could accompany us on our trip, and especially, thank you to Mr. Whitney for taking the time and effort to organise such a spectacular trip that everyone enjoyed (even if it was just for him to show off his moves).

Claudia Larkin (Yr 9 Snow tripper)

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Assistant Principal - Mission

All schools in the Diocese have been provided with a well-developed survey tool to get a ‘once a year’ snapshot of how Mount St Patrick students, staff and parents are feeling about the College. Mr Reidy has already informed parents about the Survey and the fact that all responses are de-identified to protect individual’s privacy and that parents can withdraw their student/s from completing the Survey.

We are looking at the staff completing their Survey on Wednesday 17/8; the students on Thursday 25/8. Parents will be emailed a link to the Survey early next week which must be completed by 29/8. We only have the window of 1st – 31st August to complete all the surveys for the College. Three days after the survey window closes we will be given access to a report/analysis of the aggregated Staff, Student and Parent data. Thank you, in advance, for your time in completing the Tell Them From Me Parent Survey.

Will be celebrate this special day next Monday 15th August with a Mass for all staff and students at 12 noon in the Sacred Heart Church. This will be our first opportunity to celebrate together as a whole community in the Church for a very long time. We are looking forward to singing, getting ourselves ready for the upcoming Year 12 Graduation Mass (22nd September) and presenting a donation to the local St Vincent de Paul Conference of money collected last term for their Winter Appeal.

This free student-driven initiative will resume on Friday morning 19th August in the Gilbey Foyer.

This fun and fund-raiser event is scheduled for Friday 26th August. Students will dress in their homeroom’s chosen theme and will make a gold coin donation for the Solomon Islands Immersion Project. In the afternoon there will be food stalls, games and activities for students to enjoy and spend their ‘pocket money’ on.

    Mary-Anne McShane
    Assistant Principal: Mission


SHINE is fast approaching and unites Youth Ministry students in Catholic secondary schools in the Lismore Diocese Lismore. Our Year 9 and 10 Youth Ministry classes will be attending, along with some members of our Senior Youth Ministry team. Senior Ministry Team members will be involved as small group leaders, testimony givers and workshop facilitators.

SHINE is a two-day event and combines elements of praise and worship, inspiring keynote speakers, student testimonies, small group discussions, interactive workshops, prayer, Eucharistic Adoration and Mass.

An integral part of the Proclaim Lismore Student Discipleship Continuum, SHINE will again be held

at St John Paul College in Coffs Harbour on Thursday 18th – Friday 19th August, with over 600

participants expected. Students will be travelling by bus down to Coffs Harbour and will be emailed a packing list and final information this week. Please join us in praying for its ongoing success and all our MSPC participants.

A big thank you to Mrs Angela Finkel and her Year 10 Youth Ministry class for attending and facilitating the Minyma Retreat on Thursday 28th July at St Joseph’s Primary School, South Murwillumbah. Our students were outstanding helpers on the day, running a variety of activities! Full report to come in the next newsletter.

    Grace Molloy
    Leader of Evangelisation

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Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Camps and Excursions

The HSC Trial Examination period allows us some freedom in regards to staffing large scale camps and excursions. The Year 9 Snow and Burleigh trips have traditionally run during this period and this year they were held for the first time since 2020. The logistics of the Snow trip, in particular, are very complex and Mr Whitney organises this trip with great care and attention to detail. The Burleigh trip is unfairly seen as the lesser option, but it also takes our students outside their comfort zones, albeit closer to home. We are in the process of reviewing these trips and have had excellent feedback from students, parents and staff about their worth to the overall educational experience of a Mount St Patrick College student.

This year we added a Year 10 Outdoor Education Camp at Mount Tambourine as the two years of COVID restrictions have reduced this cohorts experiences. I was lucky enough to attend this camp as one of the teachers. The terrific group that Mr Tom McTaggart and myself were part of are pictured below, just before our Mountain Biking.

We were blessed with beautiful weather and fantastic activities and instructors. It was one of the best camps I have ever attended and I am sure that our Year 10 students would have grown due to the experience. There were certainly some moments on the high ropes that had my knees knocking! 

As parents you can be very proud of the manner in which our students conducted themselves in these activities. I do think it is because we believe in the little things: creating good habits; doing your best; being humble in success in all that we do at the College, that sets us apart.

Be the Good and God Bless,

    Paul Reidy

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Faculty News



Last Friday, our Year 7 students were treated to a visit by accomplished Young Adult Fiction author Tristan Bancks, author of novels such as ‘Detention’ and ‘Two Wolves’. Through his engaging presentation, students developed insights into the writing process, the path to publication and cover design. The presentation has been an excellent complement to our in class Novel Study.

Tristan’s energy and enthusiasm has inspired many of our Year 7s to engage in reading outside the classroom. It was great to see students purchasing Tristan’s novels. Parents have until this Friday, August 12 to purchase novels from Tristan’s website using the code MOUNTSTPATRICK22 to provide free shipping.

We look forward to seeing the benefits of a renewed love of reading in our classrooms.

Some reflections from Year 7 students:

The experience was inspiring, with Tristan explaining the details behind the creation of his books. It really makes you appreciate the books that authors create for our enjoyment.

     Charlotte Brown

Tristan Bancks is a fantastic author with the humour of a jester. His amazing novels’ Detention’ and ‘Two Wolves’ were the key topics of the day, and his story of creation and process was inspiring. The day was an overall explosion of wonder.

     Harrison Wood

    Katie Pinkstone
    Leader of Learning - English


Two weeks ago 7M accompanied Mrs Tilsley on National Tree Planting Day to plant primary source Koala trees.  The purpose of this was to increase the amount of habitat suitable for our local Community of Koalas and to provide food trees to Currumbin Sanctuary for the Koala vaccination program in Pottsville.


Tuesday 16th August NRCC Junior Aussie Rules at Byron Bay*

Tuesday 23rd August NRCC Intermediate Aussie Rules at Byron Bay*

Wednesday 24th August Diocesan Athletics at Coffs Harbour

Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th September Diocesan Netball at Port Macquarie

Monday 12th September CCC Athletics at Sydney

Tuesday 13th September NRCC Hockey at Lismore

  • It was disappointing not to get College girls teams for NRCC Aussie Rules. Meetings were held 3 times in Week 3 and once in Week 4 and the coaches were extremely underwhelmed by the response. Students are reminded that all notices are delivered via the Compass newsfeed which you should check each morning

Friday 14th October Diocesan Volleyball at Coffs Harbour

Tuesday 25th October Diocesan Gymnastics at Grafton (please contact me if you have a gymnast interested in attending this event)

Thursday 10th November Diocesan Junior Water Polo at Alstonville

Tuesday 15th November Diocesan Golf at Coffs Harbour

Thursday 17th November Diocesan Senior Water Polo at Alstonville

The cricket season is upon us very soon. Players will soon be called to meetings to express their interest in playing in the following competitions. Be sure not to miss the meetings in the compass newsfeed and attend if interested.

Berg Shield (Yrs 7 – 9 boys)

Downie Trophy (Yrs 10 – 12 boys)

Lyn Larson T20 (7-11 girls)

Phelps and Gilchrist T20 (Jnr & Snr boys)

Parents are reminded that during Term 3 all Year 9 students will be participating in three weeks of Hockey. Development officers from Tweed Border Hockey will be leading sessions. I flagged last year a perfect Christmas present would be a mouth guard for your son or daughter, as they are required to participate. The College has recently replaced all its hockey equipment lost in the flood and now also have shin pads for all participants, which is also required for participation. Students will need long socks to insert the shin pads. Of course, if they have their own they can bring their own. Please remind them of this and if you don’t have a mouth guard it may be wise to purchase one very soon.

    Tim Whitney 
    Sports Coordinator

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Term 3 is off to a busy start. It is an especially important term for Year 12 and Accelerated Year 11 students as they prepare for their upcoming Trial Exams in Weeks 3 and 4. Following are some timely reminders for parents and carers regarding the Trial Examination in Weeks 3 and 4 and the Year 11 Assessment Block that commences at the end of Week 8 and continues in Week 9.

Year 11 and 12 students are not required at school during an assessment block period except when they have an assessment / examination to complete. Students will sign in on their arrival at the College at Presentation House and sign out on their departure. Study rooms will be available at the College each day during the assessment block period.

Students should make the most of this valuable opportunity to revise during this time. Students are expected to attend their assessments in school uniform, either dress or sport uniform. Examination lengths vary and students should check their timetables on the MSPC Assessment Portal and be at the College 15 minutes prior to the commencement of an assessment task. The venues for assessment tasks are on the timetable.

If students are ill and unable to attend an assessment, they should complete the Assessment Variation Application Form found on the Assessment Portal. They should also have a medical practitioner complete the Assessment Variation Illness Form. I have emailed this information to parents and carers and attached a copy of this form for a medical practitioner to complete. Students have been informed that if this documentation is not provided a zero grade will be awarded, as per the Assessment Policy. On their return to school, students should give the medical certificate to Mrs Lesa Swift at the Front Office.

Thank you for your continued support in the education of your child.

Assessment Term 3 - Weeks 2 and 3:  The following table details assessments for:

    Jo McDonald
    Leader of Curriculum

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Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching

Welcome back to all students for Term 3. This is the final term of learning for Year 12 and next week they complete their final assessments by doing the Trial Examinations. Many students were seen in the holidays studying in the College with the generous teachers who provided tutorials. Thank you to the teachers and well done to the students for taking up the opportunities. The Trials are a valuable tool to assess the students on where they are at in preparing for the HSC. Feedback from these exams will guide the teachers on the next steps required. Over the years we have witnessed students improve from the Trial to the HSC. I encourage the students to try their best in these examinations and then work on their weakness to make the necessary adjustments. We are nearly there!

Term 2 Professional Development Day
The Professional Development Day on the last day of Term 2 enabled staff to focus on our Learning and Teaching Goal this year which is:  

2022 Through informed instruction, students will achieve growth in learning.

Our focus through the Learning Collaborative, based on Lynn Sharratt’s work, is on improving writing for all students. Our Leader of Literacy, Mr Holder, led the staff through improving sentence structure which is instrumental in improving writing. The College is committed to developing staff skills and knowledge around literacy which can then equip them to better instruct our students.

Parent/ Teacher/ Student Interviews
Tonight parents have been offered the opportunity to attend Parent/ Teacher / Student interviews for Years 7 and 10. This is invaluable in forging the strong partnership between home and the College in providing the best learning program for the student. Parents can ask how they can assist the student in growing in their learning.

Year 10 Subject Selection Interviews
On Monday Year 10 participated in interviews with staff to discuss their career goals and subject selections for Year 11 and 12. The staff involved were impressed by the positive attitude that the Year 10 students possessed towards their future. Most students had prepared for the interview and had completed the required research that will lead to them making the best choices. The information will now be collected so that we can construct the subject lines for next year. I wish the students all the best as they enter the final phase of education at Mt St Pat’s.

    Narelle Sherrah
    Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

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Lisieux Co-ordinator’s Awards

Year 7:  Safira Doman, Will Johnston, Ky Andrews, Sophie Buckley, William Harrop, Connor Edwards, Oriana Greensill, Lillian Corby

Year 8:  Ayla East, Lucy Grant, Arthur Jackson, Ava Brookes, Elliza Campbell

Year 9:  Estella Wong

Year 10:  Olivia Mason, Oliver Newland 

Year 11:  Tobechukwu Malu, Anja Griffin, Nicholas Gordon, Blake Cracknell, Morgan O’Connor, Isaac Gibson

Year 12:  Ben Longhurst, Edith Hampson, Grace Wolfe, Lucy Jones, Oscar Fairbairn-Gray, Tenika Twomey, Tessa Hendrikse, Zach Simpson

Lisieux Principal’s Awards

Year 7:  Safira Doman

Year 8:  Lucy Grant, Arthur Jackson, Ava Brookes

Year 10:  Oliver Newland

Year 12:  Oscar Fairbairn-Gray, Tenika Twomey

Loreto Co-ordinator’s Awards

Year 7:  Elijah Byrnes (2), Mason Staples, Nate Butler, Yasmin Van Rosi, Ayla Binns, Charlie Devoy, Jada Coughran, Stephan Pelikan, Ethan Fitzsimmons, Indigo Tonks, Olivia Wicks, Chelsea Kill, Floyd Usher, Harrison Wood, Luca Horton, Chloe Trute, Millie Ewing (2), Nathan Bray-Verdich, Shanaye Hodges, Zayd Alexander, Daniel Roach, Liam Monaghan, Noah Matheson, Savanna Radford, Charlotte Mathewson (2), David Adams

Year 8: Keira Hair, Ryder Akehurst, Elissa Hawkins, Luca Stuart, Maddison White, Levi Priest, Riley Monaghan, Rinrada Khamkaew, Grace Farrell, Gypsy Arnaud-Gower, Taylor Anderson, Tyler Follett, Beau Bevis, Tully Fitzpatrick, Chloe Shoobridge, Cooper Lynch, Eshaan Sharma

Year 9:  Ava Singh, Sienna Bice, Payten Nash, Vann O’Keefe, Alexia Adams, Kiani Byrnes, Trisha Sharma, Kaleb Arnold, Noah Scullion, Sebastian Calvino, Rishabh Lashand

Year 10:  Bronson Hockley, Chloe Martin, Saskia Gray, Taj Ruddy, Meila Abbott, Tahlia Males, William Wallace, Alexis Pelikan, Cooper Robinson, Daniella Cunial, Elise Albertini, Anastacia Bleakley, Enya McCarthy, Henry Irby, John Dunbar, Sarah Bowers, Caitlyn Bice, Jack McClymont

Year 11:  Diya Sidhu, April Parnaby, Kirra Lee-Johnson, Hallie Nash, Cashlin Townsend, Tahu Aldred-Sutherland, Jack Devoy, Isobel Gresham, Grace Kelly

Year 12:  Abbey Bevan, Amelie Ogg, Anna Dubois, Bree Chisholm, Charles Warren, Christopher Biskup, Darcie Bevis, Darcy Greenbury, Halle McClymont, Indah-Lily Darsana, Levi Van Rosi, Quinn McCarthy, Tali Santos, Wiley Hall, Wren Dunbar

Loreto Principal’s Awards

Year 7:  Stephan Pelikan, Millie Ewing, Charlotte Mathewson

Year 8:  Keira Hair, Elissa Hawkins, Luca Stuart, Levi Priest, Grace Farrell, Taylor Anderson, Cooper Lynch, Eshaan Sharma

Year 9:  Ava Singh, Kiani Byrnes, Trisha Sharma, Noah Scullion, Sebastian Calvino

Year 10:  Bronson Hockley, Chloe Martin, Taj Ruddy, Tahlia Males, Daniella Cunial, Caitlyn Bice

Year 11:  Tahu Aldred-Sutherland, Isobel Gresham, Grace Kelly

Year 12:  Amelie Ogg, Charles Warren, Christopher Biskup, Darcy Greenbury, Halle McClymont, Quinn McCarthy, Tali Santos, Wiley Hall

Loreto College Awards

Year 8:  Elissa Hawkins, Grace Farrell

Year 10:  Taj Ruddy, Tahlia Males, Caitlyn Bice

Year 11:  Isobel Gresham, Grace Kelly

Year 12:  Amelie Ogg, Darcy Greenbury

Lucan Co-ordinator’s Awards

Year 7:  Kirra Dick, Olivia Barrett, Lucia Perkins, Jana Lofts, Max Lever, Ruby Bowley, Lachlan Daly, Oscar Morfee, Bernie Fraser

Year 8:  Samantha Zambelli, Oliver Brown, Taj Eldridge, Eboni Rawson

Year 9:  Phoebe Piticco

Year 10:  Astra Fisher, Keira Lesleighter, Ava Price, Finlay Purnell

Year 11:  Isaac Douglas

Year 12:  Alexandra Daley, Isabella Hodgson, Kye Haywood, Monique Friend, Phoebe Thomas

Lucan Principal’s Awards

Year 8:  Eboni Rawson

Year 12:  Alexandra Daley

Lucan College Awards

Year 8:  Eboni Rawson

Nagle Co-ordinator’s Awards

Year 7: Isabelle Peters, Summer Bernard, Bon Lang, Jack Jarman, Sienna Cleak, Skylar Dow, Rylan Hall, Caleb Doevendans, Harlo Jorss, Rick De Vellis, Amali Hunt, Noah Hunt

Year 8: Jamie Garrett, Tiarna Hall-Tosh, Isabella Ouwerling, Miley Field, Ryan York

Year 9: Jamie Howitt, Molly Dean, Nitchanan (Amy) Siripiboon

Year 10:  Jacob Lanyon, India Keeling, Dylan Kos, Imogen Andrews

Year 11:  Aleece Hunt

Year 12:  Miranda Larkin, Ruby Waters

Nagle Principal’s Awards

Year 8:  Jamie Garrett

Year 9:  Nitchanan (Amy) Siripiboon

Year 10:  India Keeling

Year 11:  Aleece Hunt

Nagle College Awards

Year 11:  Aleece Hunt

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College News


On Saturday 16th July at 11.15am two brave MSPC teams started the Gold Coast 48km Kokoda Challenge. Before they started both teams paid entry fees and raised $500 fundraising for Australian Youth programs. 

At 11.44pm, both teams together crossed the finish line having completed 48.3km with 2,108m of climbing in an official time of 12 hours 34mins. The amazing participants were: Team 1 - Lily Van Den Driest, Ruby Van Den Driest, Charles Elliott, Darcy Nankivell with Ms Kendrick; Team 2 - Ruby Cummins, Leo Molinari, Isabella Anderson with Ms Whitelum.

Congratulations and thank you to Ms Simone Kendrick and Ms Jess Whitelum who volunteered to be Team Leaders for the two MSPC 48km Kokoda groups in the school holidays.

These two teachers hiked alongside seven Year 11 students to complete this achievement in 12 hrs 30 mins. It was very generous of them to give of their time for all the practice hikes as well in the lead up.

The students to congratulate are: Isabella Anderson, Ruby Cummins, Charlie Elliott, Leo Molinari, Darcy Nankervill, Lily Van Den Driest, Ruby Van Den Driest

Six other MSPC students were selected into the 'Kokoda Youth Program' and completed the grueling 96km event in the Gold Coast Hinterland on the weekend of 12th - 13th July. These students finished in 29 hrs 44 mins.

These students were: Sunny Hewitt (Yr 11); Caitlyn Bice, India Keeling, Kiyana Tyack, Joshua Muddle (Yr 10); Flynn Jones (Yr 9)

Well done to these students and staff for accomplishing such amazing feats! Kokoda 2022 has forged memories that will last a lifetime.

   Simone Kendrick

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Term 3 will be busy but exciting as we prepare for our House structure to be expanded next term. To align with this, Year 11 students are currently taking part in the process to nominate and select College Captains and House Leaders for their final year of school. I am proud to say that there are currently 55 students in the cohort who have expressed interest in at least one of these positions. Mr Reidy and I spoke to the year group last week to outline the specific role descriptions. The students who have nominated will take part in a Leadership Camp on the 11th and 12th August at Fingal. The students have been informed of this and written details will follow.

Students have begun Term 3 well, for the most part. We still have a minority of students who try their luck with fancy hairstyles. The College asks students to have their hair neat, tidy and tied up if below the collar. Extreme hairstyles (which are often trends that students find appealing) will have to be modified in accordance with our guidelines before students attend class.

Students with facial piercings and those who wear shoes such as Vans/Converse will also not attend classes until the situation is rectified.

Wellbeing focus this week is Relationships and Empathy and the Character Strength is Kindness. 

    Louise Shields
    Leader of Pastoral Care

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Assistant Principal - Mission

Well done to a number of motivated College students and staff who completed some grueling physical challenges on the last weekend of the Term 2 holidays. They had to pay substantial entry fees and raise money for Youth Programs as part of the challenge.

As NAIDOC Week fell in the last holidays, our College IEWs organised and led important awareness-raising celebrations this week. On Wednesday there was a special Subway, chocolate and fizzy drinks luncheon for indigenous students in the Gilbey Foyer. Today there was a special assembly with many of our indigenous students dancing a ‘Welcome to Country’ and tomorrow Brandy and Mrs Baldini are taking a bus load of interested students to the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre.   

Thanks to Mrs Finkel, her Year 10 Youth Ministry class and YMOs Mikayla and Emma who ran a very successful and fun whole day Retreat experience with all the students and staff at St Joseph’s Primary in South Murwillumbah. It was one of the washed out events in Term 2 that needed to be re-scheduled.

All schools in the Diocese have been provided with a well-developed survey tool to get a ‘once a year’ snapshot of how Mount St Patrick students, staff and parents are feeling about the College. Mr Reidy has already informed parents about the Survey and the fact that all responses are de-identified to protect individual’s privacy and that parents can withdraw their student/s from completing the Survey.

We are looking at the staff completing their Survey on Wednesday 17/8; the students on Thursday 25/8 and parents will be emailed a survey link which must be completed by 29/8. We only have the window of 1st – 31st August to complete all the surveys for the College. 

    Mary-Anne McShane
    Assistant Principal: Mission


Well done to our Years 7, 8 and 9 students on their successful Reflection Days last week! The students had a great time together as a cohort, in groups, pairs and as individuals. The days were all about positive relationships, spirituality, problem solving, singing, dancing and lots of games. Thank you to Chris Doyle for running our Year 7 and 9 days and the Passionist Youth Team, especially Tom Warren and Valentina Salcedo Lozada for engaging and encouraging our students.

Some comments from our students:
"My highlight of the Retreat Day was hearing the guest speaker talk to my grade about acceptance and love. It was also really great that he spread awareness about taking care of the environment. It was really refreshing to hear!"

"My highlight was the activities, the songs, the communication and friendship and the chance to be social around others!"

"When everyone wrote nice things about me on my affirmation sheet."

"Being able to get away from class and have the day with my mates."

"Interacting with other people and dancing with friends."

"Speaking to new people."

The Shine event is fast approaching. Thank you to all those students who have paid and filled out their workshop applications. Just a reminder that Shine is on in Week 5, 18-19th August. The Years 9 and 10 Youth Ministry Classes and our Senior Youth Ministry team will be travelling down to Coffs Harbour after morning administration at 9am. Students will be emailed a packing list and will be returning Friday evening (time to be confirmed).

A reminder that the Ignite Conference will be held at the end of this term on 22nd - 25th September. It is so wonderful to have so many of our students attending this event in 2022. It is very important that all participants have completed their online registrations. All students going to Ignite will be emailed a coupon code to access their ticket if they have not done so already. If there are any issues, please contact Miss Molloy or our YMOs, Emma and Mikayla.

All the best to our Year 10 Youth Ministry class and Mrs Angela Finkel for a successful retreat day on Thursday 28th with St Joseph’s Primary School. Our Year 10s will be running the retreat day for the primary students. It is just wonderful to be back visiting with our parish school communities. A big thank you to Vanessa Hughes from St Joseph’s Primary School for organising and allowing Year 10B to run the day for the students.

     Grace Molloy
     Leader of Evangelisation


Faith without works is dead (James 2:18)

Year 11 students Anja Griffin, Ruby Van Den Driest, Lily Van Den Driest, Leo Molinari, River Walker and Elijah Kirk, accompanied by Mrs Angela Finkel, attended four days of Street Retreat in Brisbane from 23rd – 26th June.  This rewarding experience provided students with insight into the hardships experienced by the marginalised in the community.  Students spent time participating in various ministries, including providing assistance at St Vincent de Paul sorting donations, and helping prepare meals and serve in soup kitchens. An added highlight of the experience was a Vinnies Fashion Show on Saturday evening.

The overall experience was extremely eye-opening and was very rewarding when we were able to assist. A major highlight was to be given the opportunity to see people grow, such as in Emmanuel City Mission when the Supervisor, Dave Macartney (a former MSPC student) mentioned that a lady who was volunteering was actually attending the mission as a homeless person less than three years ago. To see her grow and assist others made me proud of her and gave hope for others in similar situations.

A challenge for me was definitely submerging myself fully into the experience and putting myself into uncomfortable situations to get the most out of the experience. I overcame this challenge when attending Rosies at Burleigh stepping into an environment that held uncertainty and potential risks. Engrossing myself into this experience one step at a time allowed me to learn more about people and their situations as well as making their day with a simple conversation. Overall these experiences in these ministries helped me grow as a person and also allowed me to act in the likeness of Jesus, enriching my Catholic faith and morals. (Ruby, Year 11)

For me, a highlight was meeting all of the amazing volunteers that keep these organisations running despite having no personal gain. At the Brisbane Relief Hub, we met a volunteer who had been living on the streets for years prior and gained help from this organisation to reach out and overcome homelessness. He now volunteers at the centre to help those still suffering. His humility and selflessness inspired me to try to find ways to help out when returning home to Murwillumbah.

It was really challenging to see the numbers experiencing homelessness and those in marginalised situations, and I felt hopelessness towards the issues. I felt as though we weren’t doing enough to help these people, and I felt quite guilty that I hadn’t been involved in programs such as You have a Friend and Meals on Wheels before. I tried to overcome this by participating as much as I could in the ministries.

Overall, it was such a remarkable experience that allowed me to gain perspective and explore my faith in a new way, which really pushed me out of my comfort zone allowing me to grow as a person.  (Anja, Year 11)

    Angela Finkel

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Dear Parents/Caregivers,

School Improvement
Last week, the College was reviewed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and Lismore Catholic Schools Office using the National School Improvement Tool. Input was received from staff, students, parents and community partnerships. The final review document is not with us yet, but we have received preliminary verbal feedback which shows that whilst we have much work to do, the path we are on is the right one. The commendations, affirmations and recommendations that we receive are all focused on ensuring Mount St Patrick College is creating the environment for students to thrive. I thank the community for their valuable input in this process and will continue to keep you informed.

Key Changes and Announcements from Catholic Schools NSW - COVID-Smart Settings in Term 3
Students learn best in a face-to-face learning environment. The COVID-smart settings that students, staff and communities have become used to will continue in Term 3 including:

  • Staying home if unwell or showing any symptoms, and not returning to school or work until fully recovered
  • Rapid antigen testing for any students or staff showing symptoms and for close contacts who are able to return to school
  • Maximising natural ventilation
  • Good hygiene practices for students and staff including regular hand washing with soap and water
  • Encouraging all students, staff and families to keep up to date with vaccinations, including COVID-19 booster shots, when eligible, and the flu vaccine

In addition to these:

  • We are strongly encouraging all staff, students and school visitors to wear a mask while indoors, particularly during the first four weeks of this term
  • Students involved in particular events that the College determines require more care will have mask wearing mandated leading up to the event. Examples include the Year 9 Snow Trip and HSC Trial examinations.

COVID-19 reinfection period reduced to four weeks
NSW Health has revised the COVID-19 reinfection period from 12 weeks down to four weeks effective from 19 July 2022.

People who have previously had COVID-19 should test for COVID-19 after 28 days since their isolation ended if experiencing symptoms and follow the relevant health advice if they test positive. People who test positive again will be reported and managed as new cases.

Be the Good and God Bless,

    Paul Reidy

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Faculty News


The NSW All Schools Cross Country was held at Eastern Creek in Week 1 of this term. Samuel Hynes (Yr 8) represented MSPC in this event and we congratulate him on his efforts.

Yet another success story for Year 12 student Fiona Laybutt. Fiona travelled to Homebush to play in a tri series Hockey championship against teams from NSW Independent schools and NSW DET schools. Fiona played exceptionally well and her NSWCCC teams won the challenge series. Fiona was then named in a NSW ALL Schools merit team.



Monday 18th July was the first day of Term 3 for our students, however for our Junior AFL teams, it was the AFL Q Schools Cup Regional Final. Consequently our Junior (Year 7, 8, 9) boys and girls teams travelled to the Springfield Central Sports Complex in Ipswich. The boys started very strongly with a 69 point win over Faith Lutheran College before having a narrow 2 point hard fought win over All Saints Anglican School. These two wins put us at the top of our pool allowing us to defeat Livingston Christian College 3.2  20 to 1.1  7 in the semi-final.

The Grand Final saw us do battle against the other undefeated team from Pool B -Cleveland High school. In a hard fought contest our boys went down to a slightly quicker team. Final scores MSPC 1.2  8 defeated by Cleveland 4.5 29. The boys had a great day and we’re fine ambassadors for the College showing sportsmanship at all times in victory and defeat. A special thankyou to our parent goal umpire Reuben Brennan for giving up his day to help the team. Our 9 Yr 7 players have guaranteed a bright AFL future for MSPC!

The girls fought extremely hard all day, displaying great teamwork, resilience and sportsmanship which led them to a 3rd place overall. The first game was up against Loretto College, where our girls were victorious winning 2.3 15 to 1.1 7. They then narrowly went down to Varsity Lakes which sent them to a qualifying final against Downland College. This was the strongest performance of the day, with a comfortable win and multiple goal scorers across the board. It came at a cost however, losing star player Eliza Wightley to injury. The girls, exhausted and fatigued, dug deep to challenge an elite opposition in Hillcrest Christian College. It was not enough, going down by 5 goals in a hard-fought loss. The girls pride for the Mt St Patrick College jumper was the highlight of the day, they wore it with respect, tenacity and compassion. Well done girls!

Coaches- Mr Van Den Driest & Mr Hetherington

Another impending east coast low has seen the cancellation of yet another large Diocesan event. This time the Touch Football Carnival. This is the third year in a row this event has been cancelled, two due to Covid and now the weather. Let’s hope the old saying is true: Things happen in threes. Well, it’s time for circumstances to start turning for the Touch Football community!


Pool Rescue News
It may be the off season for our Surf Life Saving community but training and competition goes on for the people who patrol our beaches over summer. Myla Naylor, from Year 7, competing for Currumbin Beach SLSC (the Vikings) recently won a gold medal in the Queensland State Pool Rescue Championships competing in the 50m brick carry. This is an outstanding achievement on its own but Myla has only just recovered from breaking her hand which resulted in her missing the NSWCCC Swimming championships and possibly the NSW All Schools Championships as well.

Mt St Patrick College has a long and proud history of success in Surf Life Saving with many NSW, QLD and Australian Champions attending. Pardon the pun but Myla may be the ‘next wave’ of elite Surf Life Savers coming through our College.

IRB National Championship news
Year 12 student Bede Curnow competed at the SLS Australian National IRB titles at Mollymook (south coast of NSW) over 4 days (July 21st – 24th.)  The surf and swell was large, rough and unpredictable. He won a gold medal and is now a National Champion in the Taplin Relay with his team ( involves every discipline of IRB racing)  as well as making Finals of the U23’s and Semi-finals in the Opens.


On Saturday the 9th  July the Endurance National Championships (known as the Tom Quilty Gold Cup) was held in the Warumbungles near Coonabarabran. 

184 of the best riders from Australia, New Zealand and the USA faced the challenging 160km course, made even more difficult by the recent rains. Much of the course had become dangerous, with slippery and boggy sections eliminating many competitors.

Competitors start at midnight and are required to pass all vet checks and complete the course by the following midnight. Just to complete one of these gruelling events is held in high regard with 35% of competitors being eliminated during the event. Everybody who completes receives a coveted Tom Quilty Buckle. 

Talyn Nix received his second Tom Quilty Buckle and placed 8th Junior in a riding time of 14 hours 55 minutes and 59 seconds. 

Mr Corey Nix gained his 13th Tom Quilty Buckle and placed 6th Heavyweight in a riding time of 15 hours 51 minutes and 9 seconds. Well done gentlement!

 Tim Whitney 
 Sports Coordinator


National NAIDOC Week celebrates and recognises the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Our school and community is called to “Get up, stand up and show up”. It’s an opportunity for all Australians to learn about First Nations cultures and histories and participate in celebrations of the oldest, continuous living cultures on earth. 

As NAIDOC week took place during the school holidays, we are coming together this week as a school community to celebrate it. We had  a NAIDOC Week assembly which included a welcome dance performed by the indigenous students in the College.

     Madi Van Rosi


On the first Sunday of the holidays, musicians from MSPC nominated themselves to perform in the Stokers Siding 'Young Talent Show' event at Stokers Siding Hall. This event was in association with the '15 Minutes of Fame'. It was an excellent opportunity for students to display their talents in the community, with the hope to further build the culture of young people regularly performing out in the community. We thank the organisers of this event for providing valuable opportunities for upcoming musicians.

    Mitchel Rice


Last week, the Year 11 Earth and Environmental Science students went to Lamington National Park.  Complimented by the unique surroundings of Lamington National Park, Binna Burra Mountain Campsite offered us a memorable and fun learning experience.

Students were provided with opportunities to learn about, and become immersed in the diverse geological formations and environments. Students and accompanying teachers hiked during the day and stayed in safari tents at night.  Below are some of the photos from our trip.

     Jackie Tilsley
     Science Teacher



After two long years, Debating is back in 2022 for Diocesan Schools on the North Coast. Our Regional Finals days will be hosted by: St Paul’s, Kempsey on Friday 26th August for Years 7 and 8 and MacKillop College, Port Macquarie on Tuesday 30th August for Years 9,10 and senior students.

The winners will then contest the NSW Country Championship in Sydney in Term 4.They will then debate against the city winner in the State Final.

Mt St Patrick has a strong tradition in debating and has won many country championships and state titles over the years. 2022 looks very good as we have formidable teams in each division who are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

2022 Debating Teams

Year 7:  Rosie Stewart-Walker, Charlotte Brown, Sienna Lockwood, Holli Hines 

Year 8:  Elissa Hawkins, Lucy Grant, Amelia Andrews, Ciara Dwyer

Year 9:  Makayla De Jonge, Flynn Jones, Estella Wong

Year 10:  Anja Griffin, Hannah Miler, Chloe Martin

Senior:  Isobel Gresham, Grace Kelly, Tabitha Stratton

    Padraig Bailey
    Debating Co-ordinator

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