Pastoral Care


An education at Mt St Patrick College involves much more than classroom teaching. It is about supporting families to instil Christian values and beliefs in their children so that they may act effectively in the world and make a valuable contribution to society.

At Mt St Patrick College, our values and beliefs are a priority and are based on the life and teachings of Christ in the Catholic tradition. These values and beliefs pervade the whole life of the College and can be seen in every area of the curriculum, in the quality of our relationships, in what we prize and in the priorities we set. We believe that good values are the key constituents of a quality character and that good values are closely linked to peace of mind and happiness.

Student Wellbeing

Full Student Welfare Policy and Procedures can be found in the Parent Information Handbook

Mt St Patrick College, Murwillumbah, as an educational community, is dedicated to the development of the full potential of each student in our care.

Parents who choose to send their children to Mt St Patrick realise that this College is a special type of College built on co-operation, friendliness and integrity, where all concerned (students, staff and parents) take an active part in the College, and work together to provide the best possible education.

However, the Catholic College is more than an educational institution; it is a Community of believers.  The life of the College aims to be permeated with the gospel spirit of love and freedom.

An integral part of our College is the Student Welfare Policy.  We aim to ensure that all aspects of this policy mirror the gospel values which are at the core of our College philosophy and practice.

This Welfare Policy has been written to inform all concerned of how the welfare system at Mt St Patrick operates and to encourage full co-operation with the policy by all members of the College community.

The Student Welfare Policy is concerned with the spiritual, social, physical and academic growth of individual students.  Pastoral Care and Discipline are two key aspects of Mt St Patrick’s Student Welfare Policy, which is based on the gospel values of justice, compassion and forgiveness.

The Mt St Patrick Student Welfare Policy aims to:

Develop a caring and just environment where all students:

  • have a sense of belonging
  • are enabled to reach their full potential
  • show mutual respect for each member of the College community.

Provide the students with an environment that:

  • is conducive to learning
  • encourages self-discipline
  • is safe and secure
  • develops self-esteem
  • recognises the special gifts of all students.


The implementation and development of the Pastoral Care process is dependent upon the consistent support of staff, students and parents working together in a Christian environment.

The simplest definition of student pastoral care is “caring for kids”.

At Mt St Patrick the rights of all people are respected and the dignity of each human being is promoted.

At Mt St Patrick we believe that:

  • the development of the whole person, with Jesus as a model, is an essential aim of Catholic education;
  • an environment which is based upon quality relationships, and which supports the growth of the individual within the community, is fundamental to effective learning and genuine pastoral care;
  • the College’s ministry ideally assists parents in the care of their children;
  • it is the responsibility of all members of the College community to collaborate in the provision of a caring environment within the College:  students, staff and parents;
  • the provision of both relevant and satisfying learning experiences and appropriate adult role models is essential for individual student growth;
  • the development of self-discipline is based on self-esteem, justice, affirmation, and reconciliation;
  • structures, polices, procedures and practices in a Catholic College should be in harmony with Gospel values.

The Merit System

Teachers issue a Merit Award for the recognition of good work, community spirit, College spirit and a variety of behaviours that express a positive attitude and contribution in the school environment.

The Merit system is structured so that the student’s positive efforts are continually rewarded.  Merits accumulate towards the receipt of Co-ordinator’s, Principal’s and ultimately, School Awards.  The structure is as follows:




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